Angela Watson

20 education bloggers share their strategies for enjoying teaching every day, no matter what! Based on "Unshakeable," the new book by Angela Watson. #unshakeablebook

Has spring fever hit your school yet? If so, you’re not alone. April’s on its way, and it can be a tough month to stay motivated. There’s a long wait between spring break and Memorial Day, the testing crunch is often at its peak, and the promise of warmer weather is enough to make all of […]


Big ideas and ed trends from the #ASCD15 conference

ASCD is one of the most important and influential conferences in the nation because it’s targeted toward school leaders and those who make big decisions in education. In addition to many, many teachers and teacher leaders in attendance, there are always huge numbers of superintendents, principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, curriculum specialists, and district office members. […]


dave burgess teach like a pirate

EP14: Have you ever shared a great teaching idea with a co-worker who immediately shot it down and discouraged you from thinking outside the box? Listen as Dave Burgess of “Teach Like a Pirate” fame shares how you can express your creativity even when co-planning with colleagues who are reluctant to innovate. Discover how collaboration […]


Unshakeable bonus materials

As I mentioned in a video earlier this week, there are a lot of things that classroom teachers face on a daily basis that it seems like no one is talking publicly about. These are challenges that feel insurmountable, and we’re not hearing solutions because no one is admitting there is a problem. Watch this […]


FREE download: 20 ways to enjoy teaching every day no matter what

In yesterday’s video, I shared that I was inspired to write Unshakeable after talking to a group of teachers who really seemed to love teaching every single day. They had an incredible camaraderie and school morale was terrific.  But I couldn’t help wondering about the teachers like me—I rarely had the benefits of a positive, supportive […]


Don’t wait for teaching to become fun again: plan for it! "Unshakeable" is the new book by Angela Watson.

Have you ever wondered why challenges are so much harder to face on certain days? Sometimes a criticism from a parent or principal put you in a bad mood for hours,  but other times, it rolls right off your back. Sometimes when kids are off-task and interrupting your lesson, it drives you absolutely bananas, but […]


How to be unshakeable in your enthusiasm for teaching

EP13: Passion cannot be faked. Students can tell when we’re just going through the motions. But how can you summon the energy to teach with passion when there are so many distractions from what really matters? And if you barely have time for taking care of yourself, how can you have anything left to give […]


15 easy indoor recess ideas

If it’s not the bitter cold, ice, and snow keeping your class indoors for recess, it might be the rain that so many regions of the country get inundated with in the springtime. After a whole day trapped in the classroom, you and the kids desperately need some fresh air and unstructured break time. If you’re […]


How to cope when a student

EP12: Are you feeling discouraged by a parent who seems impossible to please? You can develop a realistic, productive outlook on relationships with students’ parents. Learn how to maintain a professional and positive attitude and keep criticism from stealing your motivation. This post is based on the latest episode of my weekly podcast, Angela Watson’s […]


encouraging teachers facebook group

So obviously the group isn’t secret in the sense that no one knows about it. But there’s a setting for Facebook groups called “secret,” which means no one outside the group can read what’s posted there. And that means the Encouraging Teachers Facebook group is a private, closed space for sharing teaching ideas and collaborating. I […]


Sure, you have a few unpaid weeks each summer in which you’re not technically required to work. But that doesn’t mean you’re actually using your summer break to relax. Between second jobs, professional development, lesson planning, and more…those summer weeks just fly by, and many of us return to work in the fall without feeling like […]


keep teaching when your personal life is falling apart

EP11: When you’re experiencing deep personal loss or serious problems at home, it’s difficult to be the teacher you want to be. Learn how to minimize the negative impact of your stress on students and manage your energy levels so you can bounce back more quickly. This post is based on the latest episode of […]


St Patricks Day shirts for teachers

March is right around the corner, and I wanted to share some teacher t-shirts I’ve created for St. Patrick’s Day. All the shirts in my store are under $20. The shirts above say: Who needs LUCK when your students are this smart? Lucky to be a teacher Haha, you can’t pinch me! I’m a lucky teacher because […]


Get up to 28% off at TeachersPayTeachers with the promo code HEROES

If you’ve filled up your TeachersPayTeachers cart or wish list and have been waiting for a sale, now’s your chance! My entire store will be discounted both Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 25-26th. Use the promo code HEROES to save even more! Since the last sale, I’ve added several new products that you might want to check […]


AJ Juliani

EP10: New standards, new assessments, new leadership, and more…just when you think you’ve mastered the game, there’s a brand new set of rules. Listen as Education & Tech Innovation Specialist A.J. Juiliani shares how constant changes are impacting teachers. You’ll learn 3 practical tips for managing change, and discover how to channel frustration into innovation. […]


Unshakeable is the new book by Angela Watson, to be released this winter!

I am in the final stages of publishing Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What. Like, 98% done. The launch is about a month away. And I don’t have the brain cells right now to do much more than work on the book and talk about working on the book, so today’s post […]


How to avoid discouragement in teaching

EP09: Teaching involves a lot of hard work that is rarely acknowledged. Learn strategies for staying encouraged despite the lack of appreciation, and stay focused on your personal vision! This post is based on the latest episode of my weekly podcast, Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers. A podcast is essentially a talk radio show that you […]


Digital Learning Day

How can administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders help build a culture of innovation in our schools? What can we do to support teachers in getting connected and pursuing meaningful professional development opportunities? These are issues I’ll be exploring next month in Washington, D.C., in a Future Ready Schools workshop. The Alliance for Excellent Education […]


Don’t let the hard parts of teaching steal your sense of accomplishment and keep you from recognizing the magnitude of the awesome work you’re doing. Learn how to push through the fear of failure and constant distractions to experience the adventure of watching your students learn and grow.

EP08: Don’t let the hard parts of teaching steal your sense of accomplishment and keep you from recognizing the magnitude of the awesome work you’re doing. Learn how to push through the fear of failure and constant distractions to experience the adventure of watching your students learn and grow. This post is based on the […]


Today, I’ve invited Meg from The Teacher Studio to share how she runs math workshop in her classroom. I really admire her approach to math instruction and she has done an AMAZING job outlining everything in this post. Meg has tons of practical, classroom-tested tips for math instruction on her website and is going to be launching […]