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I had the honor of presenting at TeachersPayTeachers’ 10 year anniversary event at their office in Manhattan this past Saturday. Since the theme was 10 Years of Inspired Teaching, my session topic was on how to maintain a growth mindset in order to stay inspired. Let’s face it: by this point in the school year, everyone […]

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My journey from teacher to teacherpreneur 2 (1)

I’ve been meaning to share this story for years, because I get asked a LOT about my journey and how long it took me to get where I’m at right now.  The short version is this: I’m a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years of classroom experience. In 2009, I turned my passion for helping […]


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It’s the first thing you do when you wake up. It’s the last thing you do before bed. And it’s the default activity you fill your time with all throughout the day whenever you’re bored, procrastinating, or just want a little hit of something that makes you feel good.  It’s what you do when you […]


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  What happens when kids use fun fictional texts that have a basis in science, technology, engineering and math as a springboard to explore the science behind the fiction? This week, I’ve invited Gillian King-Cargile, Director of Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read program, to share her observations with a fifth grade class. This post is brought […]


8 keys to avoiding teacher burnout (part two

If you are feeling burned out right now or just a little crispy around the edges, I want to reassure you that your feelings are normal, that you can handle the responsibilities you’ve been given no matter how overwhelming they seem, and that the rewards of teaching outweigh the costs. Last week in episode 15, I […]

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In honor of Financial Literacy Month this April, I’m featuring a fantastic financial literacy program in the form of an interactive curricula called the Earn Your Future Digital Lab. It’s presented by the PwC Charitable Foundation, which supports education and financial literacy. This comprehensive financial literacy program is designed for students in grades 3-12 to empower kids […]


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My inbox is typically bursting with messages from overwhelmed teachers. Help! I can’t do this! I feel so inadequate—it’s just too much for one person and I don’t think I can teach anymore. The situation is so bad—I’m thinking of just quitting. Each person who has contacted me was searching for the same thing: reassurance […]

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Happy last day of school shirts for teachers (and kids!)

I started Angela Watson’s T-Shirts for Teachers on a whim just over a year ago. Some commenters on my Facebook page mentioned they’d love to have tshirts with the funny and inspirational sayings I share on social media. So I thought, why not have some fun with it and experiment with some fun teacher shirts? I added […]


Young mom with her daugher at psychologist consultation

It’s the conversation we all dread: telling a parent their child a) is failing a subject, b) needs to be tested for a disability, c) doesn’t have any friends, or d) all of the above. Your stomach is twisting and turning just thinking about having to confront the parent. So, what do you do? Here […]

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Download a free classroom STEM toolkit and win a visit from Steve Spangler

Want more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) resources for your classroom? CITGO is teaming up with renowned educator Steve Spangler to bring STEM learning to more schools across America through a sweepstakes with some really awesome prizes. What you can win If you are one of the first teachers to enter, you can receive a free […]


Students in my Classes

There are few things that annoyed me more as a teacher than picking up my students from P.E. or lunch (or having a small group return from a resource room pull-out class) only to discover that some students had been completely out of control while they were gone. With some classes I taught, it seemed […]



I’m always looking for the best tools to help with parent-teacher communication: organizing volunteers, classroom activities, conferences, sending reminders, and so on. So when ClassTag approached me about checking out their new app, I was excited to see what they have to offer and share it here with you. ClassTag is a cloud-based app designed for […]



One of the big principles that we’re always coming back to in The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club is that implementing small changes right away is more effective than hoping you’ll feel like implementing big changes later on. We often make the mistake of assuming that our future selves will somehow be less stressed and […]


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There’s no question that being a new teacher is tremendously stressful. But when I reflect on my teaching practice and how it evolved over the years, I realize that I created a lot of my own stress simply through the way I chose to perceive my work. The mindset that I held toward my students […]


10 simple ways to create more class time for instruction

Every teacher needs more class time. And every year, it seems like there’s more and more content that needs to be covered and less time to teach it in, due to excessive testing and other distractions. Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can create more time for teaching. There are lots of things happening […]


Teacher With College Students Giving Lesson In Classroom

In last week’s Truth for Teachers episode, I explained why ‘reward’ isn’t a bad word and argued my case for why they can be an integral part of your classroom practice. I talked about how a district administrator criticized me during a surprise walkthrough and why I think that teachers, of all people, know how […]


reard students2

I wanted to do a Truth For Teachers episode about how to reward students responsibly: how to reward them in a way that considers the long term results and the type of character and work ethic we’re building in kids, not just how to get compliance here in the moment. And I realized that before […]


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This week I’m addressing a question submitted by a teacher named Anna. She writes: Hi, Angela, in your book Awakened, you mention how often our expectations steal the joy from teaching. Thoughts like “they’re supposed to do or know that already” can keep us stuck. This was a life-changing realization for me and really eye-opening. However, […]


6 ways to make co-planning lessons more efficient

Lesson planning is too important, challenging, and time-consuming to try to do ALL of it on your own. This is especially true if you’re a new teacher, or new to the curriculum, standards, or grade level. It’s wonderful to utilize the experience of other teachers and time-tested instructional strategies so you don’t have to spend […]


Dr.Susan Neuman | Build children’s literacy skills with a shared book-reading program

Today I’ve invited Dr. Susan Neuman, Professor and Chair of Teaching and Learning at New York University, to talk about the benefits of shared book reading programs. Dr. Neuman helped establish the Early Reading First program and the Early Childhood Professional Development Education Program, and was responsible for all activities in Title I of the Elementary and […]