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There are thousands of preschool and kindergarten teachers who utilize ideas from The Cornerstone! This page will help you find resources on-site and off that are relevant for the very youngest students.

Does The Cornerstone Work for PreK/K?

Early childhood education was my first passion, and as a young teacher, I never imagined teaching anything else. My years as a Pre-Kindergarten (HeadStart) teacher were formative in terms of developing my philosophy of education and understanding how kids learn.  In fact, every procedure and routine I’ve explained on this website and in my book originated from my practice in early childhood classrooms.

The need to create clear expectations, model them, practice them, and reinforce them is even more critical for preschool and kindergarten students, so the Routines and Procedures section of the website is definitely a must-see for early childhood teachers. I also recommend the Organization section, which will help you manage your papers, learning materials, centers, games, and all the other fun stuff that you need to teach little ones. The Behavior Management section will also be relevant, with the exceptions of my whole-class behavior management systems (tokens could be used with kindergartners, but I don’t recommend the beads until first grade).

Many of the ideas featured on other pages can easily be adapted for four- and five-year-olds. For example, on the Math Journals page, I explain how journaling can be used even in kindergarten classrooms and show work samples from kinders I’ve done journaling with as a math coach. Also, as I add more pages to the Math and Literacy sections of the site, I’ll be including a variety of links and activities for grades K-8.  So, take a look around and explore–there are lots of possibilities!

Recommended Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Resources

As an instructional coach, I frequently work with PreK and kindergarten teachers to help them improve their literacy and/or math instruction. Below are some resources I recommend.

The 3 Best Preschool Websites

These three sites have been around for over a decade and I used them back when I was still teaching HeadStart. Since that time, all three webmasters (who are talented, generous women that are passionate about prekindergarten education and helping teachers) have added tons of new resources, photos, activities, and printables. Everything you need to know about teaching PreK can be found on these three sites.

Hubbard’s Cupboards
PreK Pages

Preschool Curriculum Books

The slideshow to the left shows the books I personally used to help me design lesson plans, activities, and center materials for my three- and four-year-olds. These are not new releases, but they’re classic books that I highly recommend. There are more books in the “Giant Encyclopedia” series than the ones featured here, and though I have not used them, my understanding is that they are also very high quality.

Classroom Management in the Preschool and Kindergarten

You’ll find lots of classroom management advice on the three websites I mention above. In addition, there are several excellent books on the market that explain how to set up routines and enforce expectations in early childhood classrooms. I recommend these two books to all the PreK and K teachers that I coach.

More Coming Soon!

If you have resources you’d like to recommend, please mention them in the comments below!

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