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Perfect Book to Start Your School Year

“With all the pressures of testing and demands that teachers are under, this book helps you understand that choosing your mindset can change your outlook on teaching (and your life!). I read this before I started my school year and it’s amazing how I don’t get upset with things happen like I used to. Other teachers seem stressed because they don’t have a planning period or now have a certain lesson plan they have to follow, but not me. I choose which thoughts to think about and how to let things go! Angela Watson makes this an easy read and I know she understand because she’s been in the “trenches” with us! For your own sanity this school year….read this book!! ;)”
–Rachel, 9/4/11

Another Home Run

“I have been a fan of Angela’s work for years and was very much looking forward to this book. If you have ever gotten down on yourself for not being able to “do it all”, this is a must read. Angela offers an honest and sincere tone throughout this book. She shares research but also personal examples so you can more or less learn from where she’s been. The introduction showcases how she had to learn it all the hard way and I was in it to win it from that point on — because her online persona is that of a superstar teacher, but she points out that she was not always positive and accepting the way she is now. I saw a lot of myself in the scenarios she shares in this book…This book is definitely one that I will share and recommend with new and veteran teacher friends. If you have ever struggled to find balance as a teacher or find yourself being overly focused on what you AREN’T accomplishing, this book is for you.
–R. Wood, 7/5/11

Consider It an Investment For a Healthy Mindset

This is one of the most useful and inspirational books I have ever read–for a teacher, by a teacher. In a profession where everything seems wrong, and nothing seems right, Angela Watson provides a valuable perspective on the damaging thought process behind our negativity…Everything about this book is extremely motivating.”
–Princess Indigo, 7.18.11

Great Resource

“I think that I am so drawn to Angela’s work because she’s been there. She’s worked in the inner city and she knows exactly what my job is like every day. (Because sorry but if you HAVEN’T worked in the inner city, you really just don’t get the realities — it isn’t 100% the same as working in the ‘burbs.) Additionally, her work is written in a tone where you kind of feel like you’re chatting with a friend. She isn’t judgmental, she’s realistic. She sets the standard that it is okay to not be perfect because no one is and then offers what has worked for her…Overall I would highly recommend this book because it’s powerful. Realizing that yes, YOU, have control over how YOU feel and only how YOU feel, is pretty amazing. You can’t control anyone else’s thoughts or reactions, but you can control your own. And that is pretty awesome. If you don’t have this book….PLEASE do yourself a favor and go buy it. You won’t be disappointed.”
–Sunny, 7/6/11

Extremely Eye-Opening!

“I am so glad that I read this book! It was perfect timing for me. I would encourage anyone who is feeling burdened or discouraged to apply the techniques that she discusses in her book. It totally changed my point of view and gave me what I needed to get up and try again another day. That is definitely something that teachers need in this day and age!”
–Whollyconsumed, 7/9/11

Awakened….Yes, I am!

“Awakened has awakened me! The past few years, I’ve allowed myself to become a victim of school chatter, the negative sort. It’s led me to living in a negative mind-set. Angela’s words touched my heart. I realized that I was only feeding the negativity by chattering away about things I had no power to change. She helped me see that I do have the power to change my mindset, in my personal case…with the power that only God provides to His children. So far, this school year is going well! I thank God for Angela and her ability to speak clearly so that I may “hear”. If you’re a teacher who’s feeling burned out, washed up, trod upon, etc., this book is just what you need to rekindle the joy of teaching within the walls of your classroom.”
–L. Thompson, 8/16/11

Finding Your Zen!

“…In this book, Angela takes on the destructive mental habits that many of us share and puts the power in the hands of teachers to change. What’s that you say? Power to the teachers? Yes, please…Angela speaks candidly about her own journey, which was very spiritual in nature. However, this book is written from a very practical place and filled with concrete examples that will have you thinking, “I totally sound like that!” While written for educators, I definitely plan on re-reading portions of this book to help me be more positive in general.”
–i heart chic lit, 9/6/11

Advice From a Teacher That’s Been There

“As soon as I opened the cover and encountered the introduction of “How I learned everything the hard way”, I knew this book was for me. True to its description, this book weaves both challenging and encouraging anecdotes from Angela Watson’s own educational experiences throughout the premises she puts forth as steps to thriving in any education system. Her points are valid for helping the reader to create his or her own optimism in many of life’s circumstances, but I appreciate how she caters to positivity in the field of education. Readers from any aspect of a school district’s setting would find the practical tips and actual wording for possible new thought processes to be immediately relevant. This is not just a book for teachers…Her real world examples provided me with situations that I could easily relate to in my own setting. Ms. Watson has challenged me to think about my thinking, and I’m sure it is a book I will come back to again and again as I need the reminders for positivity in the midst of future work challenges.”
–Books and Lemonade, 6/23/11

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