We're transitioning this site to Truth for Teachers soon, with even more resources on the way — Find out more.

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We're transitioning this site to Truth for Teachers soon, with even more resources on the way — Find out more.

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The topics Angela chooses to address are those matter to teachers. With so many struggles and challenges we face, she provides realistic advice. She’s that voice that reminds you of your worth and value as an educator.

E. Lopez

Angela is not only an advocate for teachers, she is the voice of hope, a soundboard for truth, and the guru of positive thinking and practice in a challenging profession. Listening to Angela is like detoxing for the teaching mind and soul; a recommended prescription for anyone in the profession.

Ava W.

I have followed Angela for years through her books and website. She has a way of looking for the positive without denying the issues we face. I enjoy her practical solutions and pro-active ideas.


Angela’s podcast is my motivation each week! She has not forgotten what it’s like to be in the classroom. Every teacher will appreciate her words of encouragement.


Angela truly understands teaching. She does not deny the harsh realities and her uplifting thoughts and advice reflect that, and help remind me why I love this field so much. An honest focus on issues that are important in education.


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About Angela

Angela Watson is a productivity and mindset specialist, author, and motivational speaker for educators. She was a National Board Certified teacher for 11 years and has over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Angela believes in challenging the narrative of the overworked & exhausted teacher, and her mission is to help educators live a more purposeful and conscious life. Through her blog, podcast, books, printables, online courses, and professional development services, she supports teachers in choosing a new identity for themselves which is healthy and balanced.

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