NOTE OCTOBER 2019: Most of these podcasts are no longer active and the links here may no longer work. I will try to update this post with new recommendations soon.

I started my Truth For Teachers podcast in January 2015, and since then, I’ve heard from dozens of educators who are now hooked on the format and are anxious to find other great education podcasts to follow. That makes me so happy! As I wrote in my post PodcastPD: What You’re Missing If You’re Not Listening, podcasts have been instrumental in changing my practice as an educator and edupreneur, and I love to see other people fall in love with podcasts, too!


Since Truth for Teachers is between seasons right now, the requests for other podcast recommendations have only increased. (I tried to create 2 bonus extended episodes this summer, but life got in the way and it just didn’t happen, so the June bonus episode will have to do! No worries though, I’m already gearing up for Season 2, which begins in August.)

And fortunately, there are dozens of top-quality podcasts out there for educators. I had a really tough time narrowing down the selection (especially since many of the edu-podcasters out there are my dear friends!), but here are some of my current favorites.

Keep in mind that many of these podcasts are not adding more shows during the summer, but they haven’t been abandoned and will be back with new episodes in the fall:

12 of my favorite podcasts for teachers

1)  Dr. Will Show /  Dr. Will’s Neighborhood

Dr. Will Deyamport is an Instructional Technologist and Ed Tech Consultant offering two podcasts. I love Dr. Will’s Neighborhood, a daily podcast about wellness and well-being, because Dr. Will crafts incredibly thoughtful questions centered around each guest’s expertise and tackles a wide range of topics beyond the classroom. Check out the episode on America’s parenting challenges and self-esteem. The Dr. Will Show is focused on education topics and is a great listen for any teacher.

2) House of EdTech

In his down-to-earth podcast, Christopher Nesi talks about technology and how it is transforming the classrooms of America. Highly-informative and always encouraging, Chris will help you embrace the incredible fast-paced changes in the world of ed tech, and tackle the challenges brought by technology. Here are some notable episodes on being future-ready and the integration of technology in Special Ed.

3) Talks with Teachers

This podcast is run by Jessica and Brian Sztabnik, and features educators who are leading innovative projects in their schools. If you are looking to explore a wide variety of topics discussed by teachers from different backgrounds and grade levels, then this is the podcast to follow. Unsure of where to start? Listen to the 6 habits of teaching excellence and what the standards leave out, or check out a guest you’ve always been curious about (my interview is here.)

4) Teachers Aid

Guests of the Teachers Aid podcast talk about the most practical classroom issues with a beautiful focus on the development of the whole child (and the whole teacher!) Hosted by Rae Pica on the BAM! Radio Network, the episodes are quick-paced and usually feature more than one educator so you get different perspectives on the topic being discussed. I was a guest once and talked about smart ways to end the school day with three incredibly insightful teachers. You might also enjoy the episodes on being there for students when you’re emotionally unavailable, overcoming burnout, and 5 things to know about teaching students in poverty.

5) K12 Greatest Hits

This podcast is also from BAM! Radio Network, and pulls the best episodes from their huge collection of education podcasts. Teaching strategies, technology, thoughts on testing, classroom management — you name it and there’s probably a K12 Greatest Hits episode about it! Don’t miss the featured episodes from the Every Classroom Matters podcast by Vicki Davis (remember when she was a guest on Truth for Teachers and inspired us to have the courage to speak out about injustice?) You’ll get a little bit of everything with K12 Greatest Hits–start with bringing out the best in kids and keeping testing in perspective.

6) Ask Simple K12

Simple K12 is a company that’s well known for “PD in your PJs”, so the expansion into podcasts was a natural move for them! These ultra-short episodes (think 1-5 minutes) answer teachers’ questions (often about about tech in the classroom) very succinctly, and can be a good resource when you want quick tips and tricks. Check out apps for mindmapping and brainstorming, tips for writing grants, and integrating tech into elementary vocabulary instruction.

7) Nerdy Cast

For something light-hearted, witty, and fun, listen to the Nerdy Cast. Nicholas Provenzano (better known as The Nerdy Teacher) and his guests talk about technology, pop culture, school, and learning in a casual format released through occasional episodes. Do NOT miss the episode on the #semicolonedu project, which brings awareness to depression and mental health issues among educators in a really powerful way.

8) Therapy and Learning Services

Don’t let the name fool you–this podcast is super valuable for classroom teachers, especially those who work with kids with learning disabilities. Hosted by speech language pathologist Jennifer Hatfield, the show is focused on improving communication skills, developing good study habits, and helping kids with special needs build confidence. You can dive in by listening to this episode on boosting reading comprehension, or this one on 5 tips to help overwhelmed students.

9) Cult of Pedagogy

If you’re not already following Jennifer Gonzalez’s incredible Cult of Pedagogy blog, you’re in for a treat. Her podcast allows you to consume many of her most popular posts via audio, so if you don’t have time to read a post, you can listen to it on the go instead. This is generally a solo show featuring the occasional guest, and Jennifer always goes really deep into her topics, making them easy to understand and digest. Don’t miss her job interview advice for teachers and how ordinary teachers become activists.

10) Inspiring Educators

Listen to educators from all walks of life talk about their struggles and successes, not only as teachers but in regard to their lives outside of the classroom, too. The show’s founder and host, Sung Lee, started the podcast to provide a voice for dedicated teachers whom he considers unsung heroes. Gain a new perspective when you listen to this particular episode on happiness, wisdom, and love in education by Dr.Rick Hanson, and be inspired with Carlos Granthon as he transforms music education in Peru.

11) Inspiration 4 Teachers

Kelly Long hosts this show live from the United Kingdom, and listening to her melodic voice and beautiful accent is just the icing on the cake for an insightful podcast. A full-time secondary teacher herself, Kelly hosts a variety of guests and shares her own experiences as she talks with them, creating a set of really fascinating conversations. Don’t miss teaching the unteachables and constructing learning environments where students THINK, FAIL and TRY again. You might also like the episode where Kelly and I talked about reigniting the passion for teaching.

12) Edu All-Stars

This podcast is unique because it’s also available in video form as well as audio. The episodes are recorded via Google Hangout with Chris Kesler and Todd Nesloney (“Tech Ninja Todd”). Chris and Todd do an amazing job customizing the questions for each guest and choosing educators from a wide range of circles. I’ve listened to dozens of these episodes and haven’t found a dull one yet, but do check out the interviews with Sarah Thomas, Mark Martin (The Urban Teacher), Josh Stumpenhorst, Donalyn Miller (yes, The Book Whisperer!), and…okay, I could go on all day. Seriously, these are fascinating guests.

Want more? Check out the dozens of excellent podcasts available on the BAM! Radio Network. You’ll find high-quality, professionally produced shows on every education topic imaginable.  Seriously–if you love podcasts, don’t miss this site!

There’s no way that I could name all the great education podcasts that are out there, but I hope this list is enough to get you started! Please share your favorites in the comments, and if you’re an educator who recently started a podcast, let us know that, too, so we can follow you!




  1. Gretchen Schultek

    Thanks for putting this together Angela! We are on the go these days and listening to a podcast is much easier than reading a blog. I went and subscribed to each of these and super excited to get my edu-fill each day! I recently started a podcast too ( so I look to these leaders (including yourself) as my mentors and appreciate you putting them on my radar!

    • Angela Watson

      Gretchen, I am so excited to hear that you have started a podcast! You have so much insight and wisdom to share…can’t wait to check this out!!

  2. Chris

    Thank you! Just added most of these to Pocket Casts.

    • Angela Watson

      Awesome! So glad this was helpful for you in discovering new podcasts.

  3. Rae Pica

    Angela, BAM Radio Network and I thank you for this! Hope you’ll also enjoy my new show, Studentcentricity: Practical Strategies for Teaching with Students at the Center. In fact, I hope you’ll be on it one day soon. Same format as Teacher’s Aid; just a bit of a different focus.

    • Angela Watson

      You’re so welcome, Rae! I didn’t realize you had a new show–looking forward to listening! What a powerful focus.

  4. Madhavi Garlapalli

    Thank you mam for the inspirational information to teach.

    • Angela Watson

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Kelly

    Fabulous podcasts everyone!! I think the work you are all doing is really amazing! Angela, thank you for joining me on Inspiration 4 Teachers, your episode has so much value to offer – your passion for teachers really shines!!!! #inspirational

    A big shout out to Rae (Bam Radio Network) and Gretchen Schultek who are appearing on the show soon 🙂

    • Angela Watson

      Oh, awesome, more great episodes of Inspiration 4 Teachers, then!

      Keep up the amazing work, Kelly. You have a unique perspective and it’s always wonderful hearing your insights.

  6. Sara

    thanks for all these suggestions. I try to load up on podcasts for road trips, and I’ll be looking at some of these to add. Sara

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  9. AJ

    Thanks for including Classroom Questions in this awesome list Angela. So excited to listen to some new edu-podcasts!

  10. Beckett Haight

    Oh my, I started listening to your podcast recently and really like it. But the funny thing is that I didn’t realize it was your podcast! I just heard about it and liked it, but have come across your website and resources long before.


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  13. Julie Webb

    Hi all! I’m such a big podcast fan I started my own! LitCentric Radio is a weekly podcast in which I feature a mentor text and reading and writing ideas to match it. I’d love your feedback Angela, since I’m new to the party.

  14. Jay Hagler

    Just a friendly comment, most of your links here are outdated and do not send viewers to the podcasts. Great suggestions though!

    • Angela Watson

      Ugh, you’re right. I’ll add a note to the top of the post until I can update it.

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