In yesterday’s video, I shared that I was inspired to write Unshakeable after talking to a group of teachers who really seemed to love teaching every single day. They had an incredible camaraderie and school morale was terrific.

But I couldn’t help wondering about the teachers like me—I rarely had the benefits of a positive, supportive working environment. Can teachers enjoy their work every day even in schools where there is incredible pressure and stress coming at them from all sides?

I believe the answer is YES.

I starting reflecting on my own practice and thought deeply about what brought me joy as a teacher and what drained that joy away. And, I started talking to other educators about what makes teaching enjoyable for them. The end result was 20 concrete, practical, teacher-tested ways to enjoy teaching every single day…and each one became a chapter in Unshakeable.

20 ways to enjoy teaching every day…no matter what

Click here to see the list of 20 ways to enjoy teaching every day, no matter what. Then, check out this quick 3 minute video in which I share the overarching principle to enjoying teaching. This principle is so important that I didn’t want to confine it to just one chapter, and it’s interwoven all throughout the book:

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UPDATE MARCH 26: Join 20 educators bloggers as we talk about tips for enjoying teaching more! Each day from April 1-20, a different blogger will share one of the 20 ways to enjoy teaching from Unshakeable. You can visit their blogs to learn actionable tips and strategies I wrote about in the book, plus additional ideas and reflections from the bloggers’ own teaching practice.

Click here to follow along as we discuss 20 ways in 20 days!

20 ways to enjoy teaching every day…no matter what



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