The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club provides professional development on productivity to educators who want to focus on what REALLY matters, both in and outside of the classroom. Thousands of teachers have already starting trimming hours off their workweek by getting organized, streamlining routines, giving kids ownership of the classroom, and being truly intentional about how they use their instructional, contractual, and personal time. Here’s what club members receive:

  • 52 weeks of new classroom-tested productivity strategies (provided in both PDF and audio form) which are accessible through a private membership site
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of printable teaching resources and templates to help you save time
  • Access to elementary and secondary private Facebook groups where I–and hundreds of other teachers—share ideas and answer questions
  • Two free bonuses, The 40HTW List-Making System and The Big 5 Tips for Teacher Productivity
  • A professional development certificate at the end of the year to document 104 hours of continuing education credits

Even better? You keep your access to the entire program AND the Facebook group even after your year is up, so you can revisit the resources at any time and continue to get support from your cohort. If you’ve been thinking about joining the club but aren’t sure if the $119 price point is in your budget, here are three alternative ways to join without paying the cost yourself. The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club

1. Obtain funding through DonorsChoose

The club has been approved as a professional development source with DonorsChoose. If you teach in a public school in the United States, you can create what’s called a “special project” and solicit donations for PD just like you would for any other DonorsChoose request.

The project must be fully funded by July 7th, 2017, in order for you to join with the July cohort. You can access information about the research behind the club and its impact on teacher effectiveness in order to help you explain the purpose of your project and obtain funding. Gift certificates for the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club are now available

2. Use a gift certificate (beginning May 2017 for Teacher Appreciation Week)

We have quite a few members who received their membership as present. Parents, spouses, partners, and even friends pooled their money together in an effort to help their loved one feel less stress and have more time. A few of these members didn’t even request the gift–their significant others saw the club advertisement and decided they wanted their partners to have a life again!

If you have a birthday coming up, you can make gift-giving simple for your family, and say you want the gift of TIME with them more than anything else. A gift certificate to the club can help make that happen.

Sponsoring a membership is simple—just have the gift giver complete a form (which will be linked here in May) and enter payment information for the one-time fee of $119. When the July 2017 cohort is open for new enrollments (June 28-July 7), our team will contact you (or whoever the the gift recipient is) with login and membership info. 20 scholarships to the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club are up for grabs!

3. Apply for a scholarship (May 2017)

To help ensure that financial need doesn’t prevent a deserving teacher from joining the club, I’m also awarding 30 applicants full scholarships to the program for the July 2017 cohort!

To apply, you simply create a video (no longer than 3 minutes) telling me who you are, what your teaching dream is, and why you want to be part of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. This does not have to be super formal or professional—just be yourself, and keep it short.

Then, fill out the form (which will be linked here in May 2017) and include a link to your video. I’m looking for real “action takers” to award these scholarships to. The sooner you get your video completed, the better! I’m also looking for a resourceful teacher who takes initiative in solving new challenges, so if you’ve never recorded a video and uploaded it somewhere before, you’ll need to figure out how.

I encourage you to visit the 40HTW page to learn more about how the club can help you, and check out the article called Which teachers get the BEST results from the club? This will tell you more about the 6 characteristics of our members who tend to be very successful with creating new productivity habits and maintaining them over time.

I’m hoping to award these 30 scholarships to people who will get tremendous results from the club. So, be sure these characteristics would apply to you AND clearly convey that through your application. The more determined you are to create change in your life, the better your results will be.

We will take scholarship submissions in May 2017. My team and I will review the videos, and you will be contacted by June 1st if you have been awarded a scholarship. The club opens to new members twice a year, so scholarship winners will be added to the July 2017 cohort.

Sign up here to be notified when scholarship applications are open. See you in the club!

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