Sponsor and Ad Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of The Cornerstone website/blog. The site was first established in 2003 under the name Ms. Powell’s Management Ideas for Teachers, and moved to TheCornerstoneForTeachers.com domain in 2008. The old site was connected to the new via 301 redirects so all page ranking and incoming links remained intact. By becoming a sponsor, you have the opportunity to take advantage of The Cornerstone’s 6.5 million page views in 2017.

Reach Statistics (current as of 8/1/2018)

  • 334,914 incoming links from other education websites (per Google Webmaster Tools)
  • 92,207 newsletter subscribers/message board forum members
  • 150,547 Facebook followers
  • 17,417 Twitter followers
  • 9,450 Instagram folloers
  • 60,342 Pinterest followers

Traffic Statistics

The Cornerstone averaged 600K page views per month in 2017, with winter/spring having the lowest traffic. Peak traffic months are generally July-October. Here are the traffic statistics for 2017 according to Google Analytics:

  • 6.4 million page views
  • 2.8 million unique visitors
  • PageRank 3 for the blog
  • Page 1 keyword ranking

Visitor Demographics

  • 87% of site visitors are from the United States, 3% are from Canada, 2% from Australia, 1% from the UK. The remaining 7% are from other countries.
  • 95% of site visitors view the site in English, with a growing number of French translations in the past few months.
  • 93% are female.
  • 94% are aged 24 or older, with 33% between the ages of 25-34 and 32% between the ages of 35-44.

Advertisement and Sponsorship Guidelines

  • All ads must have relevance to people within the education community (teachers, parents, homeschoolers, etc.)
  • I reserve the right to reject any ad I deem inappropriate or irrelevant for site visitors, and may remove existing ads at any time.
  • Refunds are not given for any reason.
  • Paid links use the no-follow tag in accordance with Google guidelines.
  • All paid links are disclosed as such even when not required by FTC guidelines, out of respect for my readers.

Ad Displays

Because ads have become increasingly less effective (and more annoying) to readers, I no longer accept ads on the site, and have phased out the use of Google Ads.

Sponsored Blog Posts and Underwritten Content

I’ve worked very hard to build the trust and loyalty of my readers since 2003, and for that reason, I am highly selective about the organizations I choose to partner with. Sponsored blog posts/guest blog posts run no more than 3 times per month to ensure my content is of the highest quality and readers are not inundated with product pitches.

All sponsored posts will be no less than 500 words and include no more than 2 links to your product/site. Once written, you will be able to review the draft prior to publication. I will promote the blog post via at least 3 social media sites.

You can also select to compose your own post to be published on The Cornerstone blog. Your post should be 500-1000 words and include no more than 2 links to your product/site. I reserve the right to reject any guest blog post that is not grammatically correct and/or relevant and engaging to educators who read my blog. The tone should be informative yet casual and not overly self-promoting, and must be entirely original so that I do not get penalized by Google for duplicate content. All posts must be approved by me prior to publication and may require revisions. Once published, I will promote the blog post via at least 3 social media sites.

Since the creation of this website, I have always (and will continue to always) indicate when a post or product is sponsored. All give-aways and promotional items sent to me are identified as such out of respect for my readers.

You can see ALL previous sponsored posts here.

How to Book a Sponsored Blog Post

Send a message here.

My team will give you a quote and invoice, and request the info I’ll need in order to write and publish the article. You can provide all talking points, images, videos, etc.

Podcast Sponsorship

My weekly podcast called Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers is currently in its fourth season. The podcast debuted #1 in K-12 podcasts, #4 in Education, and #156 in all podcasts! It consistently ranks in the top 10 podcasts designed for teachers, and has been downloaded over 1.2 million times.

I accept one sponsor per podcast episode to feature in a 30 second pre-roll (advertisement placed at the beginning of the podcast, immediately after the theme song and introduction ends.)

As a podcast sponsor, you will receive:

  • Audio promotion: I will announce your company or product as a sponsor of the show, and record 30 seconds of promotion. You can specify exactly what you’d like me to say, or simply provide input on my suggested wording. This is a powerful form of advertisement, because listeners will hear me, personally, recommending your product and then launch seamlessly into the main content of the show.
  • Blog promotion: Each podcast episode has a blog post associated with it that contains a transcript and links to show resources. As a podcast sponsor, your link and promotional copy is automatically included in the episode’s blog post at no additional charge.
  • Social media promotion: I promote every blog post and podcast episode widely on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The link to the blog post and episode with your sponsorship information will be shared with this teacher community on social media indefinitely, particularly on Pinterest where I will re-advertise each older podcast episode on a regular basis.

You must purchase at least one month’s worth of podcast-blog promotion (4 episodes, one each week.

Please send a message here so my team can answer your questions and help you get started with podcast-blog sponsorship.

Social Media Promotion

All sponsored blog posts include promotion on various social media channels at no additional cost.

I no longer accept requests to promote teaching-related resources solely via social media without a sponsored blog post purchase.

Brand Ambassadorship

This sponsorship opportunity goes beyond a one-time post or link and encompasses long-term product integration throughout the site and social media. As an ambassador for your site/company/product, I will mention and promote your brand throughout a pre-determined period in ways that are meaningful and relevant to readers. All mentions on my website/blog will be disclosed as a sponsored partnership.

There are an extremely limited number of brand ambassadorship opportunities, as I prefer to work with only 1-2 companies at a time, and brands must be extremely high-quality with outstanding resources for educators. Please email me for more information.

Submit Your Request

If you are interested in a sponsorship option you don’t see here, feel free to reach out via my contact form. Thank you for your cooperation with the guidelines on this page, which are precautions I’ve taken to protect the integrity of the site and respect the time and visitor experience of my readers.