Learn how to take a pro-active, positive approach to classroom management! You’ll learn how to implement behavior management systems, create individual behavior charts and plans for behavior modification, and design a low-maintenance option for keeping kids’ parents informed and document your interventions.  Student behavior doesn’t have to leave you exhausted at the end of the day–learn how to foster self-regulation and personal responsibility in ALL your students so you can focus on teaching and learning! Scroll down for a list of pages in this section.

Video on behavior management!

The Cornerstone Pro-Active Behavior Management Webinar is a series of 5 web seminar sessions designed to help you construct a self-running classroom that frees you to teachThe video’s focus is teaching students to become responsible and self-reliant, and helping you maximize your instructional time. Check out this overview:



The full webinar is divided into five sessions:

  • Introduction (10 min.)
  • Session 1: Precise Expectations (27 min.)
  • Session 2: Consistent Procedures (63 min.)
  • Session 3: Instructional Routines (47 min.)
  • Session 4: Consequences and Rewards (25 min.)
  • Session 5: Meeting Individual Needs (45 min.)
  • Closing Message (5 min.)

The webinar also comes with a 15 page note-taking and summary guide (you can view an excerpt here) to help you organize your thoughts and key in on the solutions you’re looking for.  Want to learn more? Check out the Webinars page.

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