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Courses for Teachers

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club

The club provides professional development on productivity to educators who want to focus on what REALLY matters, both in and outside the classroom. Teachers in over 5,000 schools have already starting trimming hours off their workweek by getting organized, streamlining routines, giving kids ownership of the classroom, and being truly intentional about how they use their instructional, contractual, and personal time.

When you enroll, you’ll receive:

  • 52 weeks of new classroom-tested productivity strategies provided in both PDF and audio podcast form
  • Printable teaching resources and templates to help you save time
  • Access to a private Facebook group where hundreds of other teachers answer your questions
  • Two free bonuses: The Weekly To-Do List System and The Big 5 Tips for Teacher Productivity
  • A professional development certificate at the end of the year to document your participation

The club is unique in that it’s not an independent course you can take at any time. Instead, you join with a cohort of other teachers who progress through each module at the same time so that you can share ideas and support one another. The next cohort begins on January 1st, 2017.

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The Cornerstone Pro-Active Behavior Management Course

This series is designed to help you construct a self-running classroom that frees you to teach.

Designed for teachers who work with students aged 4-11, the focus is on maximizing your instructional time and guiding students to become responsible and self-reliant. The modules include:

Introduction (10 min.)

Session 1: Precise Expectations (27 min.)

Session 2: Consistent Procedures (63 min.)

Session 3: Instructional Routines (47 min.)

Session 4: Consequences and Rewards (25 min.)

Session 5: Meeting Individual Needs (45 min.)

Closing Message (5 min.)

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Courses for Entrepreneurs

Expand Your Brand: Turn Ideas and Expertise into Teacherpreneur Success

You’ve begun establishing your blog, TeachersPayTeachers store, professional development workshops, or educational consulting practice. You’ve developed an ever-growing following and an outstanding reputation for the resources you provide. What might come next? How can you expand your brand to increase earnings, diversify your revenue streams, and make a positive impact on education at an even greater level?

In this course, you’ll learn how to share your unique point of view and extend what’s already working into complementary products and services. Through 28 module (nearly 3 hours of video instruction), you’ll learn the 5 keys for expanding your brand:

  1. Position yourself as an expert within your niche
  2. Design your website to be an online resume and go-to teacher resource
  3. Create sales funnels with social media and email lists
  4. Offer unique free resources that increase your authority and sales
  5. Extend your best sellers into additional products and services

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How to Transition Into Educational Consulting

If you’ve read my article Becoming an Educational Consultant and are asking yourself, “How do I get started?” then this course will help you take your next steps. I’ve created an 18 module online course which includes a 100 minutes of video, a transcript, note-taking guide, and an audio-only version so you can listen and re-listen while exercising, driving, or getting things done around the house.

The course is structured very informally–it’s just as if we’ve sat down together for coffee and you’ve asked to “pick my brain” for a bit! I’ll share with you:

  • 6 steps for transitioning into full- or part-time educational consulting
  • How consulting and instructional coaching can go hand in hand
  • Your first actionable step which you should start today
  • How to create a long-range game plan: what to do next week, next month, next year
  • How to find your niche and stay on top of educational trends
  • 4 tools you should leverage as you establish yourself as an expert online
  • How to build your social media presence (even if you’re working from scratch)
  • Strategies for networking and growing your following
  • Ways to create passive income so you get paid even when you’re not consulting
  • How to get your first speaking/consulting gigs in your local area and expand into bigger markets

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