The Cornerstone Devotions For Teachers is a separate blog I use to share spiritual reflections on teaching and to give web visitors a chance to share their stories, as well.  The blog began as a formal devotions site, but in the coming months, you’ll notice more random musings, links to useful Christian resources, and interactive features, such as polls and discussions about current events and education from a spiritual perspective. Click here to subscribe to The Cornerstone Devotions for Teachers by email.

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Our community now has a Facebook page! Stop by and tell us what you teach and what you need prayer for. Share something awesome that God’s doing in your classroom or in your life. Or just hang back, and wait for something that’s posted to speak to you. I don’t know exactly what this whole endeavor will look like, or what each of our roles will be, but I’m excited to see what God has planned.

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The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators is the latest release (July 2012)! This workbook is designed to deepen Christian teachers’ understanding of the principles in Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teachingelaborating on what God’s word has to say about renewing our minds. For each Awakened chapter, this guide provides an opening reflection, devotion, further scripture reading, application questions, “to do” challenge, and a prayer that invites God to help you in applying the principles to your life.



  1. Leo D

    Thanks for sharing and I love to discover more of this blog. This is by far the most comprehensive list of resources for devotions I’ve discovered.

  2. Carol Barrow

    Looks like a wonderful resource

  3. Santa Germishuys

    Thanks for the devotions.You know a christians teacher’s heart.
    May God blessed you in every area of your live.

  4. Chandrasen Kale

    Why teachers need a special online / printed service for Devotional book / blog separately based on Bible and Christian principles?

    • Jacqueline

      God helps all teachers who strive to do their jobs well. However, some teachers don’t want to acknowledge His help or even His existence. So, the materials for those who are grateful for God’s help are available on a separate website.

  5. Susan

    I am in my finals years of education and I am so worried about the mental health of our children. I have run out of words to describe what I witness. God is my source of all that is good.

  6. Karolina. Disere

    We need Gods power to do teach the children today.

  7. ShaNeika Mitchell-Peters

    Thank you for doing this it is awesome and a true blessing.

  8. Jackie

    Is the devotional blog no longer active? I keep getting a domain error when trying to access the devotional blog. Thank you 🙂

  9. Ingrid Hayes

    I am having the same problem! Too bad if is no longer active!

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