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Education and entrepreneurship intersect for edupreneurs who sell their teaching materials online, provide professional development services, and create all kinds of side businesses that utilize their teaching skills. Sometimes called teacherpreneurs, these individuals are tired of having their teaching expertise undervalued while corporations roll in the dough from publishing curriculum resources and consulting with schools. Who knows best practices for teaching better than a teacher?

I became an edupreneur in 2003 when I created this website. Over the years, I started making money from ad and sponsorship revenue, affiliate link earnings, freelance writing and editorial work, book saleswebinars, and speaking engagements along with instructional coaching.

In 2009 when I got married and moved to New York City to be with my husband, I took the leap from full-time teaching to full-time consulting. I’m now an edupreneur who teaches teachers! I work as an instructional coach, provide staff development, and create books and articles to support educators in their daily practice. I make a living doing the creative things I love, and I want to help other educators do the same. You can hear more about my story in this interview.

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  1. arielle

    i would like to become an educational consultant as an lcsw and helping families find the best substance abuse and mental health treatment for their children??

    • Angela Watson

      Hi, Arielle. I don’t have any experience in that field, I’m sorry!

  2. Mikey

    There is a burning desire in me to start consulting in the field of education. This has got to do with how much I feel I can offer to a lot of people than just be in one school. Any hints on narrowing my field of expertise – since there is a lot I can do when it comes to education. Honest!

    Secondly, there is a lot in me which I want to print for reading. How can I write a book? What if I don’t want to do the typing and the organisation? I just want to talk. How do I get it published?

    Thank you.

  3. Mikey

    Hello Angela,
    Many thanks for your helpful information.

    God bless you.

    • Angela Watson

      You’re welcome, Mikey!

  4. Lauren

    Great information here. I would like to start an educational consulting practice specializing in setting up special education programs for public and provate schools. I have a mester in special ed and have been teaching for about 12 years. I also have expireince in setting up special ed programs. Any advice?

  5. Monique

    Hi Angela,
    I have been working in education as an admissions advisor for that last 5 yrs. I have a passion for education and I truly believe is the keys to change ones past to a brighter future. I want to start consulting to assist families with select the right high schools to colleges for a higher success rate of graduates. I believe people select their high schools and college based on popularity verse necessity. How would I go about getting establish?
    Thanks in advance for your time.

  6. Kimberly

    Hi Angela,

    You’ve really inspired me. I am starting my own educational services and rely on your website for encouragement, direction, and advice. I am keeping you in mind as I move forward. Thank you.


  7. Colleen Kluber

    Hi Angela,
    What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing what you have learned along the journey. I was a special educator for 15 years in the traditional school setting and for four years in the online school environment. The goal for my business is to be resource for homeschooling parents. I want to teach them to use free web tools to meet the learning needs of their special needs children. The information that I will be providing them will be free. My plan is to because a trusted resource in the homeschooling community and be able to speak at conferences and teach workshops. I would also like to publish digital products for sale. I look forward to searching around your site for all of the great resources.

  8. sb jones

    I am current a teacher with 10 years experience. I am looking start a business which help foreign student from my native country Nigeria, come to attend high school, college, and universities in Canada. Please advise.

  9. Hannah

    Wow fantastic info more grease to your elbows and thanks a trillion for sharing.

  10. Deborah

    I want to bring the experiential aspect of teaching into the public school domain. I am creating lessons and materials for those who want more real life stories, learning materials and activities to engage their students. I am wondering what your advice is for “getting noticed”? On TpT the advise is covers/graphics and patience. Do you have any other advice that can help those of us just getting started? Also, how do you find the time and energy to do all these different activities and make products? Do you have others working with you? I love the development and creating lessons and activities; I don’t particularly enjoy the covers, etc. Do you have an answer for my situation? I would like to find someone to do the covers and I can focus on my passion, the development and creating lessons, etc. Have any ideas? Is there any other websites available to sell teacher products? If so, can you share them? Do you think there is room in the market place for another TpT? With a different slant, with different product requirements and more ecology minded? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ANSWERS.

    • Angela Watson

      Hi, Deborah! I think the key to getting noticed is having exceptional products which are unlike others on the market. It definitely does take patience before the sales come in–for me it happened more quickly because I had already spent 10 years building a following on my blog. I don’t have anyone else working with me and really don’t have much time for TPT stuff; it comes in spurts me for me. I’ll make a bunch of stuff at once and then hit a dry spell. I don’t like creating covers, product descriptions, etc. but I do it anyway because it’s an important part of the business! Kind of like grading papers is to classroom teaching. 🙂 There are other websites where you can sell teaching products but TPT is far and away the biggest and IMO the best. I don’t canabilize my sales rankings at TPT by selling elsewhere. I suppose there is room for another TPT but many others have tried it already and not experienced much success. It would be kind of like creating another eBay or Etsy. All the best to you!

  11. Eliza

    You rock! Your experience supports many of us who feel isolated in todays teaching profession. Thank you.

  12. Ayesha Kalim

    Hello Angela, Your endeavors for education are commendable indeed. You and I share the same passion and I have already served as an educational consultant since 2009 in my home country. Since, now am living in United States and settled in northern Virginia therefore interested to begin my journey as an educational consultant in future along with my part time job as substitute teacher in public school.
    I would like to ask you that the licence you are providing in lieu of the course you are offering will it be recognized and accredited in organizations and schools in US? Secondly, does this licence will add value to my present profile?
    I shall be grateful and look forward for your advice.

  13. Melodee McGinnis

    I just retired from teaching after 34 years. I have elementary experience. I like the creative part of my job, but not all the testing. I like teaching skills through books and not just testing. The testing and data collecting has ruined teaching for me. I want to make resources and lessons for teachers. I have used TPT for a few years now, and have enjoyed all the creative ideas. That is what I’d like to do now, but I don’t know how to get started. Do you have any advice or ideas of how I get started. Classes etc.

  14. Lisa Pickett

    You are such an inspiration!

  15. Babatunde Adetona

    I want to start my educational consultancy services and needed you to cach me.

    • Babatunde Adetona

      I want to start my educational consultancy services and needed you to coach me.

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