Activity ideas for the end of the school year

This page is a compilation of online resources to help you plan for the final weeks of school. You’ll find a variety of activities to use with your kids during the month of June, as well as general tips for the end of the school year.

Recommended Resources

Day- or Week-Long Activities for June

Super Subject Days- devote each day of the last week to one subject area!
Have a reading celebration!
Participate in Teach the Teacher Day!
Do a water station day!
Do a beach mini-unit!
Try some ocean-inspired activities!
Within Grade-Level Rotations: take each other’s classes every afternoon for a week and teach a favorite lesson or activity!

End-of-Year Academics/ Review Activities

Write autobiographies!
Write about it- end of year journal prompts!
Write a letter to next year’s class!
Goodnight Moon, Goodbye House… Goodbye Room (comparisons)!
Make “What I Learned” ice cream cones!
Name That Word- FUN vocabulary review!
Assign creative group research projects!
Perform in a “What We Know Math Show!”
Take a nature walk and write poems!
Enjoy your silent reading time outside!
Conduct science investigations with bubbles!
Make kites with acrostics, poems, stories, etc. on them, and go fly a kite!

Fun End-of-Year Stuff to Do

Do a word search with the class’ names!
Make class t-shirts!
Make tin can ice cream!
Make signed class frames with photos!
Make “Thumb-body Special” thank-you notes!
“Nice All Around” compliments (using computers)
Paint with bubbles!
Sing special songs!
Make a cool new bulletin board for next year’s class!
Give silly or serious End of Year awards! (printable)! 
More award ideas
Create a class yearbook!
Bubble fun, beach party, smore’s science, and more!

General End-of-Year Tips

FUN ideas from Education World
Last day activities from The Teacher’s Corner 
June lessons from The Teacher’s Guide
End-Of-Year reflection ideas from Scholastic
Teaching Heart End of Year page
More great end-of-year management tips from Teach.Net 
EXCELLENT wrap-up tips from Barbara Gruber, M.A. and Sue Gruber M.A.
Kindergarten wrap-up, review, and graduation ideas from Hummingbird Educational Resource Center

End-of-Year Link Compilations

Vicki Blackwell links to a massive collection of end of year printables, lessons, poems, and more
Fantastic ideas submitted by real teachers at A to Z Teacher Stuff
Ideas for preschool and childcare center end-of-year activities with printable awards




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  2. Gayle

    I am a daycare director and need some ideas on what to do for our preschool end of year/spring program. I do the opening and usually read a poem but wanted something different this time….anybody got any ideas?

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  4. Lili Thomson

    Wonderful ideas! Just what I needed fit the end of the year. Thank you!

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  6. Maria

    Hi, I am a Preschool Teacher. Can you possibly help me good ideas and activities for school year end of my Pre-K learners. Thank you so much

  7. Joy

    Hi am a preschool teacher I need an interesting ideas on end of the year activity

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