I love to share funny, clever, and inspirational sayings on my Facebook page, and people are always commenting, “I need this on a t-shirt!” So I figured, why not design some teacher apparel and accessories?

Holiday gift ideas (under $20!) that will make teachers smile

I created a store for teacher shirts, totes, mugs, and more on Spreadshirt. Almost all the prices for teacher merchandise are $20 or less, and the majority of shirts are priced at $16. A few items in the store go up to $25 if the fabric or cut is higher quality or for reasons related to ink printing costs, but I’ve tried to avoid that whenever possible.

If there’s a design or style you don’t see in the store but would like me to make, shoot me an emailor leave a comment below. I’m still very much in the experimentation phase with this whole Spreadshirt thing, and I’d love to hear your input on designs, colors, quotes, and so on.

Holiday gift ideas (under $20!) that will make teachers smile

I hope that my store gives you some new and fun ideas for your co-worker/teacher friend gifts (and some possible gift suggestions for yourself that you can share with your family members!)

I really appreciate each and every purchase. Thank you for your support, and happy shopping!



  1. Colleen

    My favorite one is the one that says on the back, “I can still see what you’re doing.” I used to have one that I made. On the back it said, “Is your name on your paper?” Idea-wise, I would love to have one that says,”If you can’t say something nice…” on the front. :O) I do love a good teacher shirt!!

    • Angela Watson

      I’m glad you mentioned that, Colleen! I am working on a design that says “Stop: Is your name on that?” I love the idea of making more shirts with phrases on them that teachers say constantly to kids. No more repeating yourself, just point to the shirt! Hah!

  2. christymorales

    I just ordered a couple of totes for my co-teachers for Christmas. Your site says that if 2 or more items are ordered, there’s no S & H. At the end of my transaction it added $4.50 for S & H. I just wondered what I missed?

    Christy Morales

    • Angela Watson

      Hi, Christy, thanks for ordering! If you want to get free S&H, you need to enter the discount code mentioned in the post (XMASTWO). It is a discount offered by Spreadshirt for Black Friday. You may need to cancel your order and re-order using the discount code, or you can try emailing them to see if they will honor the discount. I’m sorry that I don’t have any control over that aspect of the purchase and can’t take care of it for you.

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