1. TeachEnEspanol

    So cute. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  2. Chris Allison

    haha i like the last two the best

  3. Sarah

    Lol! Love the next to last one! That’s the kids I pull! “But I already passed the test – why do I have to come to you?” (I teach struggling readers.) Um, maybe because you’re still not a GOOD reader!

  4. This Brazen Teacher

    Yay! LOL- I love the LOL

  5. Angela

    Thanks to each of you for commenting. I’m amazed at the never-ending ability of LOLcats to amuse and delight. In the next edition: Area superintendent visits LOLcat skool. No, srsly.

  6. Sass

    What is it about these cats that just cracks me up?!?!?!? I love the white ones.

    Thanks for a much, much, much needed smile today. 😉

  7. organized chaos

    I slipped these to the student i was giving our standardized test to today to help her relax before the test. you should have seen her grinning. AND, the picture of the lions was a great reminder to re-read 🙂 (always looking for the teachable moment).

  8. cardiogirl

    Well done! I am constantly amazed at the facial expression a cat can make. It doesn’t seem like they could give more than a few what with all of the fur and whiskers.

    I can’t wait to see the principal stop by.

  9. Angela

    Organized Chaos: I never thought to share these with the kids. What a fabulous idea! Thanks!

    Cardiogirl: I don’t know how cats are so much more expressive than dogs, but they are. Somehow cats always have this indignant look on their faces that’s so hilarious. And by the way: yes, you ARE part of the secret teacher club. You have infiltrated successfully. 😉

  10. Laura Gomez

    Love these!

    • Angela Watson

      Thank you!

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