I’m hosting three awesome online professional development events for teachers that are kicking off this summer! I hope you’ll join us in either The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club (which is a one year program beginning in July) or the summer teacher book clubs. They’re all going to be a terrific way to connect with other inspiring educators, learn new ideas, and help you get motivated for the fall.

The Unshakeable Summer Book Club


  • When: July 17th-August 5th
  • Where: Online via a private, closed Facebook group
  • Cost: Free

This is an online book club for my latest book, Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What.

The discussion is going to be casual and fun in a private Facebook group that makes it easy to check in each day to comment or post your own reflections and questions. The club’s moderator will be Frankie Robinson: she’s the teacher who runs the wonderful Educator’s Book Club. Frankie will be posting about the 20 ways to enjoy teaching, sharing one idea per day. She’ll also be sharing helpful articles, funny teacher memes, and all kinds of great things to help you get motivated and excited for the fall. There’s no commitment if you join–just pop into the group whenever you have time! I will join the group once a week via live video to answer questions and discuss the book’s principles in real time.

Click here to join the Unshakeable online book club on Facebook. You will get a notification from Facebook when you’ve been added. Please contact bookclubhelp@yahoo.com if you have questions or problems. You can purchase the Unshakeable book/eBook here.

The Awakened Devotional Bible Study/Book Club for Christian Teachers


  • When: June 1-30 (taking Sundays off)
  • Where: Online via a private, closed Facebook group
  • Cost: Free

This online Bible study for teachers is centered around my book Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching and the accompanying workbook called The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Teachers.  This will be the 5th summer in a row that I’m offering this, and we have many teachers who come back and participate every time. It’s pretty amazing!

The club’s moderator will be the wonderful Tracy Gidinski, a 6th/7th grade teacher in British Columbia who has completed the study herself and will do an awesome job responding to your posts, reflections, and questions.I will join the group once a week via live video to answer questions in real time.

We’ll be reading a chapter a day every day from June 1st-30th, taking Sundays off. I will warn you: it’s deep. Some teachers choose to read Awakened in advance and just complete the Devotional Study Guide chapters in June. This study is about transformational change at the spiritual level, and that takes work (plan on at least 45 minutes per day.) But the teachers who really commit to the study have experienced incredible results in just that one month, and many of them shared how the books helped them keep their enthusiasm for teaching all throughout the school year.

So, if you’re a Christian teacher (teaching in public OR private school), I hope you’ll join us! This study is focused on your own spiritual development and attitude, not sharing your faith at school or with students, so teachers in all classroom settings are welcome. Note that this is the ONLY event on this page which is faith-based.

Click here to join the Awakened Devotional Bible Study/Book Club for Christian Teachers on Facebook. You will get a notification from Facebook when you’ve been added. Please contact devotionalhelp@yahoo.com if you have questions or problems. You can purchase the Awakened and Devotional Study Guide books/eBooks here (you will need both for the study.)

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club


  • When: Starts July 2nd and continues for one year
  • Where: Content is delivered in a private online course site; discussion is held via the club’s Facebook groups
  • Cost: $109

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club is a one year program designed to help you work smarter, not harder, and increase your productivity and work/life balance.

It’s only open twice a year (at the beginning of July and beginning of January) and will provide step-by-step guidance as you make healthy mindset shifts and streamline every aspect of your classroom practice. Each week for 52 weeks, you’ll receive a short (10-15 page) eBook with strategies and an audio version of those strategies so you can listen on the go. Choose just one strategy to implement each week, and watch as small changes add up to BIG results! Our members have started trimming 3, 5, and even 10+ hours off their workweek within the very first month.

You’ll also receive hundreds of dollars worth of printables and ready-to-use teaching resources and forms, and can tap into the support of myself and thousands of other teachers in our elementary and secondary 40THW club groups on Facebook.

For the July start, we’ll be focusing on back-to-school preparations so that you feel less stressed about the new school and have clearly defined routines and systems that will save you time.

Click here to be notified when you can join the club and to learn more about it. We’ll accept new enrollments started June 26th, and the last day to join will be July 5th. Email clubhelp@outlook.com with questions.

See you there–I look forward to connecting with you online!


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