I started Angela Watson’s T-Shirts for Teachers on a whim just over a year ago. Some commenters on my Facebook page mentioned they’d love to have tshirts with the funny and inspirational sayings I share on social media.

So I thought, why not have some fun with it and experiment with some fun teacher shirts? I added a few different designs to the store and priced everything under $20. 

Teacher tees for the end of the school year and summer

This “Happy Last Day of School” shirt is one of my most popular designs. (It’s available in kids’ sizes, too.) It’s perfect for wearing in the classroom as well as to any after-school celebrations your colleagues, administrators, or friends might hold.

Teacher tees for the end of the school year and summer

I also added several designs for retired teachers, student teachers, college graduates who will become teachers–these should make great gifts! You can use the “Design Your Own” feature to choose any shirt style and color you want, and get a broader range of size options.

Teacher tees for the end of the school year and summer

There are several new designs for summer, too: “Warning: Teacher on Summer Vacation” and “It’s All Fun and Games ’til the Back-to-School Ads Start.”

You can use the discount code WOOSHIP during checkout to get free shipping on everything (valid through May 1st) Check out the store here for yourself. Enjoy, and thanks for your support!




  1. Jen Carsen

    Love these shirts! I think people outside the world of schools tend to forget that teachers and administrators also get very excited about the end of the school year–sometimes even more than the kids.

    • Angela Watson

      That’s very true! Enjoy!

  2. Mathew Edvik

    Ha. I think the First Year teacher shirt applies to seasoned veterans as well.

    • Angela Watson

      Definitely! 🙂

  3. Jen

    Do the female fitted shirts run small or normal?

    • Angela Watson

      Hi, Jen! I think they run slightly on the small side.

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