We’re heading into a new school year, and I’m trying out a new format for the best teacher freebies post series. This time, the collection IS a link up: you can add your favorite resources below. Here’s the criteria: 1) Your item must be something you will ALWAYS give away for free; 2) Your item MAY be related to the month but it doesn’t have to be; and 3) Submit no more than 3 items.

Teachers will be adding new resources to this page throughout the first week of August, so be sure to check back to see what’s new. Its worth looking over the resources listed in all three grade level sections to see if there’s anything applicable for the grade(s) you teach, as there’s usually an overlap with some of the freebies. And don’t miss the last section which has freebies that are applicable for ALL grades!

If you’re reading this via email or feed reader, click here to view the freebie list below.




  1. Fern Smith

    Thanks, I love seeing new freebies! I’ve pinned this post!

    • Angela Watson

      Thank you, Fern!

  2. Charlene Sequeira

    Thanks for this linky. My thumbnails look blurry, but the actual product pics are clear. I can see I will need to spend some time here checking out all the great products people are posting.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom’s Treasury

    • Angela Watson

      Thanks for participating, Charlene! The trick is to pick a larger image to use as the thumbnail. InLinkz usually gives you several versions of an image to choose from–always pick the biggest one (anything above 125 x 125 usually displays really well.)

  3. Debbie Teise

    Thank you for posting on FB. Just printed a few items from the Freebies links. So very helpful.


  4. Tbe Teacher Treasury

    Wonder list! Freebies are always greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing everyone!

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