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9.13 Getting real about grit: 6 things every teacher needs to know
9.9 Working and conferencing with a rubric: easy tweaks for effort + quality
9.6 How to keep your team’s positivity/innovation from alienating co-workers
9.2 Your votes are in: the 30 most comfortable shoes for teachers


8.30 How to build relationships with students through personal stories
8.23 How to be pro-active with uninvolved (and overly-involved) parents
8.18 How to use math talk cards/posters to promote student-led discussions
8.16 How to figure out what you really need for your classrooom
8.13 Bloomz: my favorite FREE app for parent-teacher communication
8.9 7 beliefs about teaching routines that will cause you to lose your mind
8.2 How to turn back-to-school anxiety into real enthusiasm


7.26 6 ways to teach growth mindset from day one of school (& a big giveaway)
7.21 12 of my favorite podcasts for teachers
7.8 Beyond GOOD JOB: effective, creative ways to encourage kids
7.1 One word that every idea from #ISTE2015 depends on


6.24 How YOU can build a positive school culture, no matter where you teach
6.17 Understanding by Design de-mystified: how (and why) to get started now
6.7 3 online book clubs and conferences for teachers this summer


5.31 #TruthForTeachers Season 1 wrap-up and reflection
5.27 5 strategies for helping families overcome the stigmas of special education
5.24 How to share your teaching expertise and get paid for it
5.21 8 ways to redirect off-task behavior without stopping your lesson
5.17 How to use summer to re-energize your teaching
5.12 #PodcastPD: What you’re missing is you’re not listening
5.10 How to keep from giving up on apathetic students
5.7 New teacher t-shirt designs for the end of the school year
5.5 Take your students on a free virtual field trip to The Nature Conservancy 
5.3 Speaking about race, poverty, riots, and our students
5.1 Give away: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week


4.28 Get kids collaborating with the Brown Bag Art Challenge
4.26 How to balance test prep and authentic learning
4.21 20 ways to enjoy teaching every day… no matter what
4.19 Vicki Davis’ truth: The courage to speak out about injustice
4.15 How to use parent surveys to build connections with families
4.12 How to reconnect daily with the reasons why you teach
4.8 5 questions I ask before buying into any “Common-Core aligned” product
4.5  Classroom clutter –what to keep and what to toss
4.1 Share your authentic self to bring passion and energy to your teaching


3.29 How to figure out what’s “good enough” and be satisfied by it
3.26   20 ways in 20 days: enjoy teaching…no matter what
3.24   Big ideas and ed trends from the #ASCD15 conference
3.22   Dave Burgess’ truth: Collaborating with colleagues who don’t support your creativity
3.21   The secrets of teaching we’re not supposed to admit
3.19   20 ways to enjoy teaching every day…no matter what
3.18   Is it possible to enjoy teaching every day…no matter what?
3.15   How to become unshakeable in your enthusiasm for teaching
3.11   15 fun indoor recess games and activities
3.8    How to cope when a student’s parent just doesn’t like you
3.5   A secret Facebook group for encouraging teachers
3.3   6 reasons teachers should plan (now) for a summer vacation
3.1   How to keep teaching when your personal life is falling apart


2.26   St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts for teachers
2.24   The teachers are heroes sale is here!
2.22   A.J. Juliani’s truth: overcoming frustration due to constant change
2.18   The 47 mental stages of writing a book (someone save me)
2.15   Avoiding discouragement when teaching can be a thankless job
2.11  5 ways to empower teachers to build a positive, innovative school culture
2.8   How to approach teaching with a spirit of adventure
2.4   One teacher’s 5 secrets to a fantastic math workshop
2.1   Find & embrace your unique classroom management style


1.30   The easiest, simplest way I’ve found to differentiate instruction
1.28    Come chat about close reading and win great prizes!
1.26   How to stop being overly critical of yourself as a teacher
1.21   Where to find me at conferences this spring
1.18   How to empower students to take ownership of their learning
1.16   The top 3 questions teachers ask me about classroom tech
1.11   How to gain energy from kids instead of letting them drain you
1.9   10 inexpensive ways to get children’s books for the classroom
1.5   Truth for Teachers: a new podcast for weekly inspiration
1.1     An easy way to build individual relationships with students


12.29    The 10 most popular Cornerstone posts of 2014
12.26   New year, new mindset: teacher resources for kicking off 2015
12.20   How the H&R Block Budget Challenge is helping high schoolers learn financial literacy
12.12   7 teacher tips for surviving the week before holiday break
12.7   Verso: a free app for increasing student participation
12.2   10 ways to calm a class after lunch or recess


11.30   Win a $25 TeachersPayTeachers gift card in time for the sale!
11.26   Happy Thanksgiving from snowy Virginia!
11.23   Holiday gift ideas (under $20!) that will make teachers smile
11.19   8 ways to foster gratitude in your students
11.16   Thank students for good choices with compliment slips
11.13   5 ways to make your classroom fun (but not chaotic)
11.9   7 steps to avoiding the classroom paper trap
11.4   If you agree with this statement, it’s time to quit teaching.
11.2   Empowered. Passion. Relationships. Hope.


10.29  What’s the craziest thing you ever said to your students?
10.25   15 easy book character costumes for teachers
10.22  Yes, the October Blues are a real thing.
10.19  How working memory games can improve kids’ executive function in 5 minutes a day
10.15  Don’t discount your ideas: YOU have practices worth sharing
10.12  Overcoming the 3 biggest obstacles in relationship building with kids
10.9    Share how your school is innovating and win 200K in prizes
10.6    The 2×10 strategy: a miraculous solution for behavior issues?
10.2    The top 4 excuses for not being a connected educator


9.29    Unshakeable: Coming to 2 conferences this October
9.26     A fun FREE app for National Fire Prevention Month
9.23    Need support? Join “Encouraging Teachers” on Facebook!
9.20    A bright idea for building school morale through compliments
9.18    My journey in educational publishing: how to write books for teachers
9.15    Secrets of a teacher who loves her job: make a difference for kids in poverty
9.11     8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more
9.8      Win grants/scholarships with a free financial literacy game
9.4      It’s September. Don’t worry, teaching gets better.
9.3      (TpT) 15 Working Memory Games: Improve executive functioning in 5 minutes a day
9.1      A simpler way to teach writing: the one trait rubric


8.30   (TpT) Puzzle Strips: Open-ended customizable activities for practicing ANY skill!
8.28   When parents want to move their child to another classroom
8.20  Intentionally blurring the lines between life and work
8.16   Bright ideas: how Voxer changed my personal AND professional life
8.12  15 terrific resources for close reading
8.8    5 ridiculously unhelpful things I’ve said to students
8.5    Join us for the #teacherfriends practice Twitter chat!
8.3    Edu All-Stars Podcast: Talking teaching & blogging
8.2   (TpT) The Cornerstone Pro-Active Behavior Management Webinar
8.2   (TpT) How to Become an Educational Consultant Webinar
8.1   (New page and webinar) How to transition into educational consulting


7.31    What’s it like to teach in Bangladesh?
7.27   Smooth sailing into a new school year: tips, tricks, and giveaways
7.23   What do you mean by “it works for me”?
7.19    A bright idea for gently yet firmly saying NO
7.16   Big fish, little fish, and separate ponds of educators
7.14   The power of social media to connect: #tptvegas14
7.10   5 ways to support kids who struggle with student-directed learning
7.7      Follett Classroom Connections: a new set of eBook tools
7.2     My 10 big take-aways from #iste2014


6.25   Sortify: a free open-ended game for all grade levels
6.21    A bright idea for simplifying differentiation with smart student grouping
6.16    “It must be nice to be paid not to work in the summer!”
6.12    The Million Page Challenge: how one high school got kids reading for fun
6.9     Always a teacher: a reflection (& confession) on 5 years out of the classroom
6.5     5 signs your classroom is overdecorated & how to fix it
6.2    Join the Awakened Summer Book Club & get re-inspired to teach!


5.28   Secrets of teachers who love their jobs: stay in awe of the learning process
5.23   Entrepreneur on Fire: my journey from classroom teaching to educational consulting
5.20  10 authentic ways to hold students accountable for home reading
5.17   Bright ideas for connecting with kids during the last week of school
5.14   Passionate learners: giving our classrooms back to our students
5.12   3 (free!) ways to share bookmarks with students using Wibki
5.8    10 smart ways to end the school day
5.4    Should teachers give their cell number to parents?
5.1     5 easy & thoughtful ideas for teacher appreciation week


4.28  EdCampNYC: Tips and tricks for student engagement
4.25   2 free newsletters that curate great ideas for educators
4.22  5 reasons why I stopped the summer break countdown
4.18  Some teacher humor for your weekend…
4.12  A bright idea for responding when kids say “I don’t know”
4.8   Alternatives to classroom teaching: 15 other rewarding jobs in education
4.4   Making eBooks better curriculum tools with Classroom Connections
4.1   The best teacher freebies for April


3.30  (TPT) The one trait rubric: a simple, effective system for grading student writing
3.27  10 classroom routines that get kids talking (and writing) about math strategies
3.24  Secrets of teachers who love their jobs: focus on a child you can really help
3.22 (TPT) Question stems for Common Core math practices
3.21  7 ways to get students excited about reading
3.19  One word that holds the secret to passionate teaching
3/15  Daniel Pink at ASCD: why being persuasive in the classroom is more important than ever
3.12  Dear students: you are so much more than a test score
3.9  A bright idea for breaking the nagging cycle
3.7  Some teacher humor for your weekend
3.5   The logic behind the “illogical” mindset of students and families in poverty
3.1  March’s best teacher freebies

Looking for Free Printables from The Cornerstone Book?

The Cornerstone BookAll the forms referenced in the book are available for download here on the site! Instead of making photocopies of my versions shown in the book, you can simply download the forms you like in Microsoft Word and quickly make modifications to fit your own preferences. You can find the printables throughout the site on corresponding pages (for example, back-to-school printables can be found on the Beginning the Year page). I’ve also compiled them all on one page which organizes the resources on this website by chapter so it’s easy to find the online resources that support what you’ve just read in the book.

To access the printables page, login here. Your password is the last word in the book (on the Afterword page). I’ll be adding more password-protected resources over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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