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This page provides advice and information for every step of your teaching career, from student teaching to job interviewing to the pursuit of advanced certification. There are also social media resources to connect you with other educators and extend your personal learning network. Teaching doesn’t have to be an isolating profession–there are thousands of free ways to get connected and stay informed online!

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Finding a Teaching Job
Job Interview Tips
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Advice for Student Teachers–Coming Soon!
Advice for New Teachers–Coming Soon!

National Board Certification

Now there’s a separate section full of tips to support NBCT candidates! You’ll discover the 5 most valuable NB resources I discovered, get tips for managing your time and the mountains of paperwork involved, and learn how to maintain your sanity along the way.


Cornerstone Cross-Reference

Find even MORE professional development support in The Cornerstone book and eBook! Book-exclusive content includes:

Ch. 29: Creating a Support System
*Tips for building relationships with non-instructional employees: custodians, secretaries, office staff, and more
*Ideas for gaining administrative support: why your behavior in the hallways and in meetings can make or break your relationship with the principal
*3 types of teachers to avoid, and 3 types to surround yourself with
*Finding a mentor vs. finding your style: how to master your individual teaching style

Ch. 33:  The Unwritten Contract
*16 facts you won’t discover until you’re locked into a teaching position: the real deal on supply reimbursement, class size caps, getting new students, planning time allotments, pay scale freezes, and much more

Ch 34:  Timesaving Strategies
*Discover how to be a teacher and still have a personal life!
*It IS possible to work a 40 hour-week: seven pages of tips to help you work efficiently and make the most of your time

Ch. 36: Avoiding Burn-Out
*8 keys for enjoying and growing with students: how to love your students, your job, and yourself through stressful times

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I’ve created a new section of the website to share resources that inspire and encourage teachers.

Main Encouragement and Inspiration page

Hilarious Kid Stories


Blog Posts About Professional Development

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