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The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators

The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators is a brand-new book! It’s being released on July 15, 2012, as a companion to Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching.

A group of 38 educators from all over the world participated in a focus group study online and completed the entire book of devotionals. Here are their reviews of the book.




See what focus group participants are saying about The Awakened Devotional!

“I wish I’d had this book 30 years ago! I could have avoided a lot of unnecessary frustration if I had known then what I’m now learning from The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators. God’s ways are so much better than mine–and the practical steps explained in the book have given me a straight pathway toward changing my way of thinking by renewing my mind according to Biblical principles. I recommend this book to all teachers who are seeking to become more effective and content educators.”
-Sandie Flynn Ione, CA

This devotion helped me grow closer in my walk with God. When I used this devotion with the book Awakened, I learned so many strategies to help me overcome the negative thoughts in my head and to help me be a more joyful teacher. I cannot imagine how my life would be if I had not been fortunate enough to have come across this this devotion. I encourage every teacher to read these two books together.
-Michelle Reagan, 4th Grade Teacher, Greenville, NC

“Teachers, be warned! Completing Angela Watson’s The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators will cause the following side effects: a desire to form a closer relationship with God and allowing Him to work in your classroom; the ability to have a healthier mindset and actually preventing bad moods; and being the emotionally stable teacher that your students deserve. This study will help you develop a positive attitude, which is habit forming. Please consult the Lord with thanksgiving if you experience a happier classroom and find yourself enjoying your teaching career more as a result of this book.”
-Christine Waller, 6th grade teacher, MT

“The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators took me by the hand and guided me as I began a wonderful journey with God. Each section affected my daily routine as I opened my heart to the Holy Spirit and enabled His guidance to positively impact my students.”
-Lesley Herman, Special Education Teacher, New Castle, PA

“The devotions help me remember to work from the soul, as something done for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3:23). Our administrator has the saying ‘Truth is what God says regardless of how I feel’ in each of our rooms. God used the study to reiterate this truth to me in a practical way. I’m able to better maintain an eternal perspective of all those involved in the midst of daily trials. This has allowed a more positive ministry and witness to my own family, parents, students, and coworkers…and more sanity for me ;)”
-Christine Hughes, First Baptist Academy, O’Fallon IL

“’Your perspective on your role will determine whether you feel courageous and accomplished or discouraged and defeated’ (from page 67 of Awakened). Reading Awakened and this companion devotional guide has helped me replace my negative thoughts and feelings from my job. I now view my employment as God’s mission field for me, and I have much healthier attitude. Angela Watson is being used by God as a Barnabas to Christians who work in any area of education.”
-Patricia Ewing, paraprofessional, Chillicothe, Missouri

“I would highly recommend this devotional book for teachers. The scripture study and application questions really brought me closer to God and expanded my walk with Him. The practical examples of situations in the classroom and how to deal with them were great. Reading the devotions and applying the steps in Awakened have led me to put God first in everything, even the tiny details, in my life.”
-Dana Herndon, Elementary Teacher, Winder, GA

“You will never look at your classroom practice again the same way after delving into the spiritual concepts in Awakened. This book will challenge you to look at teaching challenges in a positive, Godly way and give you Biblical tools to overcome hardship.”
-Lee Anne Burton, 2nd grade teacher, Fairmont, WV

“Have you ever gotten so overwhelmed in the classroom that you lost yourself and forgot all about what God wanted you to do that day? Then this book may be just what you need to re-focus and see things clearer from His perspective. Perhaps He wants to awaken you to His way of teaching.”
-K.B., 4th grade teacher, Washington, NC

“I would highly recommend this study. It is comforting to know that other educators are going through the same dilemmas that you are going through. These devotions help you work through issues that arise with students and the school day.”
-Kathy Noble, kindergarten teacher in Taylor County Wv

“This study was a balm to my frazzled spirit. It provided guidance, support, and encouragement with a perfect blend of scripture and common sense.”
-Barb Trombley, 3rd grade teacher, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

“The Awakened study has made me realize that Christian teachers go through many of the same struggles. Guarding our mind and heart is so important.”
-Stephanie Nipper, High School teacher, Sanford, NC

“This devotion gives you a chance to reflect on your personal walk with God, alongside your teaching habits and everyday feelings and behaviors. This is a perfect way to grow closer to God, while growing excellent behavior mechanisms to help in and out of the classroom.”
-Janine Nyyssonen, 5th Grade Teacher, Grand Cayman,

“I feel I have truly been AWAKENED after completing this study. The changes that I have implemented in my life both at work and home have helped me to draw closer to God and feel a peace that I have been striving for since I began teaching.”
-Lisa Berg, 6th grade Teacher, NY

Awakened is a treasure. It is a breath of fresh air. Literally. My soul is refreshed with Angela’s words. It’s applicable to all walks of life. The words of truth leap off the page and has provided many ‘aha!’ moments. The devotion breathes God’s truths into the principles of Awakened. It will change your life.”
-Amy Gillespie, elementary teacher, Omaha, NE

“The devotions in this book were very encouraging, convicting, and motivating to all areas of my life. The devotions reinforced to me the importance God being the top priority in my life. They also reinforced to me the importance of being okay with not having it all together all the time.”
-Kesha M./4th grade teacher/Vidalia, GA

“This book was extremely valuable to me. I learned to catch my negative thoughts much earlier on and practice replacing them with more positive thoughts. This helped me keep things in perspective and manage my stress much more effectively.”
-Michelle Garrett, 5th grade teacher, WA, USA

“Participating in this study has strengthened my spiritual walk with God. Over the course of the study, I’ve learned to completely allow God to take control of my worries, fears, and heartaches. Releasing these negative thoughts and actions frees the mind, body, and soul allowing positve thoughts and actions to flow in a manner that glorifies God. Our role as educators is stressful and demanding. It is also one of the most rewarding jobs when we fully understand God chose each one of us for our role. He is sovereign. The Awakened study provides the educator with valuable tools not taught in educator courses, tools which provide guidance through scriptures, strength through others’ experiences, and self-reflection through activities. Taking part in this study is one of the most rewarding and beneficial steps towards a new and refreshed mindset.”
-Teresa Pickett, 2nd grade teacher, Warner Robins, GA

“Do it because it is life changing. It will help you to become a better teacher and person.”
-Nicole Wilborn, 1st grade teacher, Charleston, SC

“This study will change your heart and attitude towards your students, your profession and yourself. You will have a daily reminder of who you are and why you do what you do. Our ultimate purpose in life is to love and serve God and people knowing that He is by our side every step of the way. Doing this study has made living in that knowledge practical and reassuring.”
-Leighann Orr, 4th grade teacher, Worcester, MA

“This study has awakened me to be purposeful in my walk. I have been encouraged by God’s word and have some scriptures to post where I can continue to be encouraged. I have realized that God will equip me with my tasks and I don’t have to stress but use the tools that I have learned in this book to handle difficult situations. Being a teacher is not easy, but no one said it would be. I have an opportunity to touch children’s lives and share the love of Christ. I want to be able to do that well. I am thankful for what I have learned in this study.”
-Heather Bergeron, 4th grade teacher, Crowley,LA

“I have mentioned this book to several teachers and many went and bought and are dying for the devotion to come out. We do a Bible study for the teachers at our school and are thinking about doing this as soon as the devotion book comes out. I think I have grown closer in the Lord and understand how to apply it to work–especially where I can’t talk about God. This devotion helped me to be awakened and change jobs! I am going to be a much better person because of it!”
-Erin Shoemaker, 4th Grade Teacher, North Carolina

“This devotional has completely changed my mindset in the classroom! Applying God’s word to my daily classroom tasks has completely changed attitude towards students, coworkers, and my job! I have been AWAKEND indeed!”
-Lynn Wallin Parker, 3rd grade teacher, Las Vegas, NV

“This process helped focus me for the day ahead. I also took great comfort knowing that I was not alone in my walk as a Christian educator in a world filled with distractions and barriers.”
-Jenny B 2nd grade teacher, Salinas CA

“Truly does ‘awaken’ your mind to recognize negative thought patterns, to realize the need to change those thought patterns, and to replace those thought patterns with constructive, Word-focused thoughts.”
-Laurie Hagberg, HS teacher, CA

“It was so reassuring to hear that so many other teachers, Christian teachers, go through the same battles each day. The devotions had a two-fold effect, not only did I feel better about my personal struggles, but with with my more clear and positive attitude, my teaching day went so much better. Not only did I benefit, but my students did as well.”
Joni, Middle School, California

“I believe these devotions have given me an additional reason to keep God as my focus in all that I do, including teach. After I have done the reading and the applications, I find myself still thinking about them. The more I consider what I have read, the more I integrate what I have learned.”
-Jeannie Williams, teacher,Ohio

“These devotions are suitable for preservice teachers as well as inservice teachers. I am looking forward to using this book with a small group of students. Teacher Education students, in a Christian university, are trying to integrate faith and learning. This book will offer enlightenment as they move toward sharing their faith while teaching. It goes beyond an additive factor to actually permeate their being and truly awaken their spirit to His teaching and guidance in practical daily living.”
-Pamela M. Owen, ECE faculty, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, Ohio

“These devotionals hit me right between the eyes! It seemed the Lord used Angela to speak directly to me and get me past things I was holding onto for too long!”
-Michelle Reitmeyer, 3rd grade teacher, Vista, CA

The Awakened Devotional Study Guide provides you with a daily walk and daily check in with God. It is a wonderful means by which you can connect and relate with other teachers who also are on a spiritual journey. It provided me with new friendships and support from strangers. It was truly a wonderful blessing in and of itself.”
-Grace Toler, K Teacher

“I know that this group of devotions helped me in my own walk this year. As a teacher, I know it can make a difference in everyone who reads it. Be prepared for a closer walk with our Lord!”
-Barb Dettmer, kindergarten teacher, Arcadia, MO

“This study will re-awaken you to the reason you went into teaching in the first place. I learned to apply the word of God to areas of my life that affected my teaching; healing was brought to my life through the application of God’s word. This devotion has blessed me tremendously. The word and prayers reminded me of my love for Jesus and bid me return daily to His well spring of life. It pruned areas of sin in my life and helped me encounter a loving Savior.”
-Janet Garrison Para Educator Lexington, Ky

“All of the devotionals were well-written, practical, and so applicable to teaching and life in general. Each day as I read the sections of Awakened and the accompanying devotional I grew more and more excited about sharing both resources with other teachers at my school and teacher friends in my Bible study. Teachers are under so much stress that the only solution is God! Angela’s words are so clear and draw directly from the word of God. It’s encouraging to read something written by an experienced teacher who understands the demands of the job and who is an overcomer through Christ.”
-Sarah Sheppard, 1st grade teacher, Winchester,VA

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