Consultations and Speaking Events

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

I frequently speak at education conferences around the country to share ways teaching can be more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. My session topics are typically a blend of inspirational/motivational principles and practical tips for improving classroom practices. I also present on educational consulting topics to support teachers in becoming entrepreneurs.

School-Based Staff Development Events

As owner and founder of Due Season Press and Educational Services, I am available for workshops, keynotes, seminars, and in-services for PreK-12 educators. All presentations will be customized for your school’s needs, and are available in 2, 4, and 6 hour formats. Classroom management workshops include a complimentary copy of my book “The Cornerstone” for each participant.

Seminars can also be followed by individual or grade-level consultations, classroom organizational makeovers, and/or instructional coaching sessions.  Fees are flexible and reasonable, with the lowest rates available in areas that don’t involve travel costs (the tri-state area of New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and Broward/Miami-Dade/West Palm Beach counties in South Florida.) Please submit a request via email to receive more information.

The Cornerstone Pro-Active Behavior Management Workshop

My most-requested workshop topic for individual schools is behavior management. In fact, I created a webinar to make the presentation more widely available. A five minute overview video which explains the main components of this workshop’s topics is embedded here (with excerpts available on my YouTube page and sample pages from the notetaking guide available on the webinars page.) You can also purchase webinar licensing for a group of teachers, school, or district to participate in online, on-demand professional development. Increasingly, schools are using these videos in “flipped faculty meetings”, in which teachers watch the videos at home and then discuss during PD sessions.

A half- or full-day workshop on behavior management includes the following:

Session 1: Precise Expectations
Session 2: Consistent Procedures
Session 3: Instructional Routines
Session 4: Consequences and Rewards
Session 5: Meeting Individual Needs

Other Professional Development Topics

All workshops are completely tailored for your school or district, and can be modified to include or exclude specific concepts. The following are frequently requested presentation topics:

Positive Mindset and Stress Management Workshops

In-services can be provided around Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching and/or The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators. These staff development events provide practical tips to help teachers develop a positive, flexible, and resilient mindset. Participants learn ways to stay motivated when they don’t see results; change their perception of setbacks so they feel less stressful; let go of unrealistic expectations, standards, and comparisons; and realize a sense of accomplishment in a job that’s truly never done. Stress management is much more than just eating right and getting rest: learn how to change your mindset to transform your teaching!

Instructional Technology Workshops

Technology in-services can be developed around any aspect of 21st century schooling. Topics include: meeting the needs of digital-age learners, the flipped classroom model, Google search techniques and helping students find reliable sources, Prezi, interactive whiteboard use (Smartboards and Promethean), web 2.0 tools, and 21st century skills integration. Workshops can also focus on teacher technology needs, such as developing a personal learning network (PLN), utilizing Twitter, blogging, learning Google apps, and using technology to communicate with parents. Workshops typically involve a hands-on element so that educators can explore the tools and techniques themselves.

Classroom Management

The Cornerstone classroom management workshop will help you designate a place for EVERY type of classroom material; turn needy, disorganized children into self-reliant, responsible students; and develop and teach ANY classroom procedure. Learn how to train the class to follow along, stay on-task, and work together. Discover fun teaching techniques that help you assess student learning, and find out how to eliminate homework hassles and parent miscommunications. You’ll see step-by-step how to construct a self-running classroom that frees you to teach!

Behavior Management

I can create a PD session that is fully customized for your school to address specific behavioral needs. Frequently these behavior management presentations include information on creating and reinforcing strong instructional routines and procedures, techniques for engaging reluctant learners and motivating students, and strategies for redirecting off-task behavior without losing the momentum of a lesson or escalating the situation into a conflict. The session can also include training in creating individual behavior plans and meeting the needs of high-risk students.

Math Instruction and Routines

Math workshops can be designed to focus on the integration of hands-on activities, manipulatives, cooperative learning, math journaling, technology, and/or problem-solving strategies into daily math instruction. Regardless of the specific focus, the workshop will share simple classroom routines and procedures that make innovative teaching techniques run smoothly.

Literacy Instruction and Routines

Literacy workshops typically focus on managing small group instruction, since this tends to be the most difficult aspect of literacy instruction. Learn how to differentiate instruction and assess student learning efficiently and painlessly, facilitate smooth transitions between groups, and ensure students who are working on their own are engaged in high-quality, meaningful tasks. Other literacy workshop topics include: individualizing reading instruction, facilitating writing workshop; assessing student writing; creating hands-on literacy activities and centers, and incorporating technology into literacy instruction.

Individual Consultations


I am happy to work personally with teachers concerning their individual classroom situations in a mentor-style capacity.

I can come to the classroom and work on specific organizational and management needs. I frequently do classroom makeovers to help teachers create spaces that are conducive to learning. I also model procedural lessons during school hours to demonstrate how to teach even the most challenging students how to follow along, stay on-task, and work together.

In-person consultations are available for teachers in South Florida and in the NYC tri-state area, and for those in other areas of the country following my seminars. Please join the Cornerstone yGroup or subscribe to the blog to find out when I will be in your area, or email me to inquire about booking a seminar followed by consultations for your school or district.

By Phone or Skype

Phone consultations can be arranged for teachers anywhere in world!  If you have iChat or Skype, we can speak ‘face-to-face’ over the internet via video chat. The rate for individual teachers is $50 for thirty minutes.

I can consult with you on any issue you need help with!  If you need advice on becoming a “teacher-preneur”, I can help you get started with educational consulting, publishing a book, social networking, and/or making money from blogging and selling teaching products. The consultation could be focused on technology integration the classroom. Or, I can help with problematic classroom management issues such as:

* organization of your classroom materials
* setting up your paper management system
* developing specific procedures for your students
* creating whole-class or individual behavior plans
* implementing high-interest teaching techniques

This format can be extremely useful when you do not have a mentor available in your area, and school professional development funds can often be used to cover the costs.

Instructional Coaching

I currently work as an instructional coach in New York City.  I have experience as a Math Coach, Literacy Coach, and Instructional Technology Coach with a wide range of teachers in grades PreK-8.

In these capacities, I model demonstration lessons, support teachers in lesson and unit planning, provide informal observations and feedback, and help teachers transform their rooms into functional spaces that support both classroom management and student learning. I frequently help teachers create and utilize centers, incorporate cooperative learning strategies, integrate technology and web 2.0 teaching tools, and develop and implement the use of hands-on materials.

If you are interested in having me conduct these services in your area, please email me.

Book Signings and Speaking Events

To find out when events will be held in your area, join TheCornerstoneForTeachers yGroup, subscribe to the blog, follow on Twitter, or stay connected on Facebook.

Feedback from Workshops

Wow! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with fellow teachers; you are helping us become better at educating children.
-P., Kansas

Your technology presentation was great. I feel like now I understand why we need to change the way we teach kids in the 21st century. I like that you made the transition seem ‘do-able’ and not overwhelming, and helped us understand how to take baby steps from right where our school is now.
-M. Cohen, New York

Every moment of your workshop was valuable. I learned so much! It was awesome having you come to the classroom to set up my behavior plan and rearrange some spaces that weren’t working well. Thank you! Thank you!
-K., Florida

In your presentation, you shared so many ideas that I just never thought to try! My kids have responded so well to your techniques. I can actually teach a lesson now without being interrupted! It’s changed my whole classroom.
-E., New York

I just had to say thank you. I have had the smoothest start to the school unlike any other year and I have you to thank for that. The book is awesome and I have had trouble putting it down. I look forward to updates on your website and any new tips you have.
-T. Ring, North Carolina

I’m in love with your Webinar! I’ve already applied a number of techniques that I heard from it! I can’t wait to finish! It is so awesome to actually hear you talk about everything in your book! Thank you so much! This has been a very trying year, but with this I feel like I’m going to have an amazing class!”
–Stephanie S., Delaware

Thank you for such an informative and practical workshop. I feel ready to take what I learned directly into the classroom.
-P. Baumstein, New York

Contact Information

Angela Watson
P.O. Box 341
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33302

E-mail: angelawatson [at] live [dot] com

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Angela was a classroom teacher for 11 years and currently works as an instructional coach and educational consultant based in New York City. She's created a webinar series on pro-active behavior management and has written 3 books for educators. Check out the blog and free teacher resource pages for photos, tips & tricks, activities, printables, and more.

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1 Kelley Lauderdale July 4, 2010 at 7:59 pm

How much do you charge for consultations? I need one more day of professional development. I teach in a life skills classsroom. I can’t find anyworkshops I am interested in. So I thought maybe I could talke my principal into letting me do a webconsult with you on classroom managemenet and organization. I purchased your book last year and I refer to it often. You are a great resource.

Thanks Kelley Lauderdale.


2 Angela Watson July 10, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Hi, Kelley! Good to hear from you again. I’ll email you with rates. :-)


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