This page is meant to offer an accessible, non-overwhelming list. It’s a starting place rather than a comprehensive, all-encompassing collection. Feel free to use the comments below to suggest resources that have been helpful for you!


These books are a great place to begin when you are ready to unpack your own biases and explore how systems of racism and the patriarchy operate. “Troublemakers” is the only book here focused specifically on a school context, but I consider all to be essential reads. I have used Amazon affiliate links below:


Here are some podcasts which regularly discuss topics that educators interested in anti-bias work maybe be interested in:

Teaching Hard History

Free Curriculum Resources

These materials are designed to be used with students, and provide additional perspectives and viewpoints than what is likely covered in your textbooks:

Educators to Follow on Twitter

Here are a handful of educators I enjoy following who regularly tweet resources, reflections, and threads on equity work:

Educators to Follow on Instagram

Here are just a few educators I enjoy following who regularly post about equity topics:

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