This year I tried to do all my initial parent conferences in three days.

I announced at Open House (and through three subsequent notes home) that I would be coming in at 6:45 a.m. and staying until 5 p.m. from Tuesday through Thursday to accommodate working parents. Those three days were loooong, but I think I like getting most of the conferences taken care of right away, instead of giving up my planning time every single day for a month. Thanks to intense badgering, I have now met with ALL of my families except one. That might be a personal record.

Overall I would say things went well. A few highlights:







Obviously, I’m kidding. My kids’ parents are perfectly lovely. And yes, I captioned these myself at icanhascheezburger.




  1. Mathew

    Those do sound familiar.

  2. Anonymous

    hehe, I found myself in a few of those captions! I’ve definitely had those thoughts (and parents) before!

  3. Faro1976

    That’s another way to schedule it. Sounds like you make your own schedule.

    We have 4-1/2 days for the kids. 2 days we have afternoon meetings until 3:30 and the other 2 days we leave and come back for night conferences to accomodate parents who work.

    I have to say, I do like the 1/2 days of teaching- a little break.

  4. Angela

    I love, love, love the idea of having two half days and coming back in the evening for conferences!

    In my district, we are not alloted ANY time for conferences and have to squeeze them in before or after school. Scheduling them late in the day is hard because there’s no one in the office after 3. I have to wait down by the front gate for parents and escort them up to my classroom. Alone.

    I once taught in a district that gave two full days per year, which actually didn’t work well because it’s impossible to cram 27 meetings into a single day without losing your mind. I think the half days–which accommodate working parents–is the best possible solution.

  5. Betty

    The pictures are great and bring back a lot of memories. I am a retired teacher, but some conferences will never be forgotten.

  6. Case

    hi, i just happened to come across your blog…this is absolutely hilarious! I am getting ready for my first-ever round of conferences next week…eep!

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