As I mentioned in a video earlier this week, there are a lot of things that classroom teachers face on a daily basis that it seems like no one is talking publicly about. These are challenges that feel insurmountable, and we’re not hearing solutions because no one is admitting there is a problem.

Watch this 4 minute video to see what I’m talking about:

I want all of that to change with Unshakeable. I want to get to the heart of what makes teaching enjoyable and help every single teacher tap into those principles so they can love their work every day, no matter what.

I’m ready to get Unshakeable in the hands of teachers NOW. The book and eBook are in stock on my website and Amazon. Let’s do this. Let’s make teaching enjoyable once again!


Make sure you’re signed up via email to get FREE bonus materials in a couple of weeks. I’ll wait a bit to send them out to give you a chance to start diving into the book first. The bonus includes:

  • worksheets to help you implement the ideas you’ve learned
  • a 60 minute video in which I elaborate on the 3 themes of the book and how you can apply them to your work.

I’ll also be sharing information soon about a fun online book club that will be starting April 1st. 

Click here to get your print or eBook copy of Unshakeable from my site or from


Thank you, as always, for your support. I believe this book will make a HUGE difference in your level of job satisfaction and work-life balance, and I can’t wait wait to hear your thoughts and experiences.





  1. Kelley

    You are so brave, smart, and kind. I can’t wait to read your book. Right now, I don’t have time. Let’s be honest…one of the secrets you mention is balancing work and family. So…I promise to read this summer and will post all of feedback just as soon as I can. I am certain of one thing…I know I will not feel alone with my worries, after I read your book. Best of luck friend!

    • Angela Watson

      Kelley, that’s so sweet! Thank you so much. Enjoy the book!

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