Prepare your students for learning with smooth, quick, engaging transitions that get them focused and excited about what’s next!  Learn how to transition into instruction at the beginning of the day and plan transition activities, songs, and signals that help you change quickly between subjects or lessons.

Transition Activities and Tips

Webinar excerpt: Transition tips for teachers


In The Cornerstone Pro-Active Behavior Management Webinar, I explain how to create instructional routines that set the framework for learning. In this excerpt, you’ll discover ideas for creating strong morning routines (including morning work/bell work) that set the tone for the day, and learn how to use transition signals to get lessons started quickly after lunch and specials. This excerpt also shares information about using brain breaks, classroom yoga, songs, and other transition activities in between subjects or lessons:




  1. Bethany

    Hello, I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh in the Applied Developmental Psychology program. For my senior project I wasn planning on creating a binder or book of help transitions for teachers. I am currently interning at an after-school program, in which I have had some students in my kindergarten class have trouble transitioning from their school-day classroom, to the cafeteria for snack(part of the the after school program) to the new classroom they are in for after school. I have developed social stories with the students and a game-board-like paper for the students thus far. My question is, do you have any other ideas that may be helpful for students transitioning from an after school program?

    Thank you for your time. 🙂

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